Saturday, October 25, 2008

Connecting Relationally in Witnessing

This week's Bible Study seminar by Eagles Communications focuses on the process of witnessing and the development of a personal evangelism strategy.

The following video clip provides an example of what it means to testify Christ. Someone cared ... someone shared.

Process & Strategy
  • Start with prayer
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Understand the person in witnessing
  • Gauge the person's level of knowledge, attitude, and behavior
  • Extend the person's lattitude of acceptance

Lesson & Application

One method cannot fit all. Witnessing is not about using a specific method of approach to preach to people about Christ, such as the Four Spiritual Laws. It is about caring, influencing, and connecting relationally. Do not attempt to bring an old man or lady to a Christian 'rock' concert and expect him or her to get converted. It may bursts the old person's ear drum and he or she may never be able to hear the Gospel again!

Connecting Relationally
  • Enhance relationship by meeting felt need
  • Expose and explain Chrstianity to them
  • Clarify misconceptions
  • Express spiritual concepts meaningfully
  • Share the Gospel sensitively
  • Share testimonies or experiences of God
  • Don't force a win or get into a win-lose situation
  • Remain a friend

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