Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cultivating Enthusiasm in Witnessing

Share Jesus Why is passion important in witnessing? This week's Bible Study seminar by Eagles Communications focuses on the need for passion to sustain enthusiasm in a witnessing.

Scriptural references: Acts 10:23-48 Peter's Conversion to Witnessing - A Biblical Model.

Witnessing is meant to be an exciting and joyful experience for every Christian, but the task of sharing the Gospel has become rather burdensome to some nowadays. Why is this so? The primary reasons are fear and lack of passion.

We are afraid to share our faith because we have no guts. We are afraid because we do not know what to say and how to start. We are afraid to offend people, face rejection, and lose face. We are afraid people will ridicule and persecute us if we witness to them. We are afraid of answering sensitive questions about Christianity. We are afraid we have no time to share Christ with our friends. We are afraid to admit we are Christians. We are afraid of being a hypocrite because we do not live out our faith. We are cowards when it comes to witnessing.

There are many reasons for our fears and prejudices. Fears are real and the way to overcome fear is passion and obedience. How do we then learn to cultivate passion in witnessing?

  • Conviction of the Message
  • Compassion for People
  • Concern for the Situation
  • Commitment to the Relationship
  • Communicate Christ
  • Connection to God

Peter's transformation and boldness was the result of deep conviction of the Gospel.

Peter traveled and taught, and always include his itinerary with witnessing. Passion must accompany compassion because passion without compassion can lead to misdirected action. Compassion helps us refocus away from our self-interests.

Peter was cognizant and he responded spontaneously to touch people at their point of need.

Peter's commitment to the centurion was unprecedented. He overcame cultural, religious, and political prejudice to witness Christ.

Peter communicated Jesus' earthly life to non-Jews to those who may not be familiar about Jesus, simply and unequivocally, before speaking about His death and resurrection, seizing on the situation and unashamedly share Christ spontaneously.

Peter bore witness with deep sensitivity to God by being willing to travel, willing to go, ready to share, and ready to baptize.

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