How are devotional topics derived at Living Water?
Topics for Living Water's weekly devotional are primarily derived from entries submitted by the author to:

It is the aim of the author to be able to write devotionals on any topic, hence, some of the writings in certain weeks may appear a little unusual from the norms.

Different styles of writing have been used for different weeks to fit the topic, so readers should not expect a stereotype or consistent approach each week. At times, the writing may be in a conversational style, while at other times it may be in a reporting style or any other style. Tone of writing may vary as well, with sometimes casual, while at other times serious.

Can I subscribe to receive Living Water at my Facebook?
Yes, you can receive weekly devotionals and other Christian writings at Facebook by subscribing to Living Water @ NetworkedBlogs. Click the following link to subscribe.

Alternatively, you can 'Like' Living Water's Facebook Page at:

Can I subscribe to receive Living Water via email?
Yes, you can choose to receive weekly devotional and other Christian writings by Living Water in your email's Inbox. Click the following link to subscribe.


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