Saturday, November 1, 2008

Understanding the Holy Spirit in Witnessing

This week's Bible Study seminar by Eagles Communications focuses on power in witnessing, the need to understand the role of the Holy Spirit and the biblical perspectives of healing and miracles.

Scriptural references: Luke 5:1-26 - Miracle of the Great Catch (v1-11); The Man With Leprosy (v12-15); Jesus Heals a Paralytic (v16-26).

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Witnessing

The Holy Spirt:

  • Empowers us to witness
  • Gives us words to speak when witnessing
  • Gives us boldnessHelp us in our prayer
  • Gives us the desire to be His witness
  • Convicts, regenerate and sanctify

Understanding Biblical Perspectives of Healing and Miracles

  • God wants to touch our mind, body, soul and heart
  • God works in natural and supernatural dimensions of life
  • God wants to use our various spiritual gifts to touch people
  • God uses our cultural and religious backgrounds as contexts for witnessing
  • God is sovereign over all healings and miracles
  • God wants us to follow Him wholly and develop a personal relationship with Him
  • God uses our infirmities and sufferings to strengthen us and help others in similar situations for His glory

Key Points

  • Engage in challenging the minds
  • Express concern and be interested in all areas of life, mentally, physically, spiritually and touch the heart
  • Don't be sitters or watchers in church, nor be cold without love
  • Help the pre-believer socially integrate, not just physically healed
  • Use whatever gifts we have to touch people
  • Be friends who care enough to make them worthy of our love
  • Go the extra mile and go out of your way to help
  • See pre-believers beyond physical need
  • Understand God does not heal everybody and requests should be according to His will and cannot be demanded
  • Be willing to submit ourselves to His will
  • Live gratefully for a greater mission with willingness to relinquish and abandon our prized catch to follow Jesus

Faith in Adversity
Follow God without conditions and be willing to serve even if you have to drink the cup of suffering to trust Him completely.

"Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." —Job

The following video clip provides an example of faith in adversity, of how God uses our infirmities and sufferings to strengthen us and help others in similar situations for His glory.

Life Without Limbs - Nick Vujicic

Eagles Rendezvous

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