Monday, January 19, 2009

Serving the Lord Online

Online Social Networking I always advocate the need for Christians to reach out to the world through serving the Lord online, especially with so many communities for relationship building, such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube.

Many of us know relationships built on the Net are not always healthy, and as believers, I believe we should play our part in harvesting these netizens for the Lord. While it may be true online resources may be used by the devil, we can use the same tool to turn the tables around. Please note however that unless we are firm in the faith, we must be very careful when dealing with such online communities, because the draw is very real and we can be swayed away from our faith!

If our calling is clear, let us then begin by first praying and building relationships in Christian online communities such as YourChristianSpace, FaithWriters, AllAboutGOD, ChristiansUnite and GodTube.

According to a missions article by ChristianToday, "Dozens of churches around the world are planning to participate in a special missions trip that involves bringing Christ and His message to a huge community where the Gospel is not the most popular subject." "Pre-trip training on how to effectively get messages about Christ out using social networks began on Sunday [January 11, 2009] and will continue until January 31."

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