Friday, February 24, 2017

Let the Water Flow

God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. (John 4:24)

Let the Water Flow
Plumbing in our kitchens and bathrooms can experience build up until finally clogs develop, causing the pipes to back up and the water to flow in the wrong direction. Liquid Plumber is the solution. Just pour it in the drain, and let it soak—releasing the clogs so the water can flow.

Every day our lives can accumulate with all types of baggage—emotional, physical, and whatever the enemy decides to throw at us. Sometimes we can find ourselves going in the wrong direction.

Every few months, I spend twenty plus dollars and soak my household drains with Liquid Plumber so that the water can flow freely and never back up. What can we do to release the buildup in our own lives freeing the Spirit to flow within us?

Worship of the Father in genuine desire lets Him flow in His goodness and peace within us. Turn on your favorite Christian music, open your Bible and soak in His Word, talk to Him, and love Him back. Father God does not need our worship to let Him know how great He is. We need worship because He inhabits our praise, creating a two way street in our relationship that frees us from yesterday's mistakes and emotional build up. 

Our worship cannot be limited to Sundays, a mid week service, or an occasional Bible study. One cannot find it at the local grocery store, and the cost is expensive—our time. We must cultivate a personal worship with Jesus that soaks within and releases us; allowing the Spirit to flow freely. Sharon McDill

Thank you, Lord for partnering with us in worship and flowing in peace within us. Amen.

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