Friday, December 16, 2016

Larger Than Life

Larger Than Life
The expression “larger than life” is one I have heard and used myself to describe a thing that is so enormous the only way to convey the size of the matter is to compare it to something that everyone would consider the epitome of largeness.

At times life situations may seem to become more than one can handle. Those feelings, whether it be pain, heartache, anxiety, etc., can take on a life of its own and we cease to function as God intended and that is when the problem seems “larger than life.”

Exactly what is life that we would consider it a pivotal point to measure the enormity of a situation? It is the breath of God in us. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Gen. 2:7 KJV)

How many of us ever stop and consider this truth? We breathe and live because of His breath in us. Everything we are and everything we do is because of it. That is why life is to be esteemed. We are created as individuals with a plan and a purpose. Our major thrust in life should be to work toward fulfilling His plan for our lives.

There seems to be only two times when we as humans really stop and consider life. First, the birth of a baby; it causes us to become newly aware of the miracle of life. Once again, God’s breath brings forth creation. The other is when we face sickness that is unto death. In these circumstances we find ourselves fighting to preserve life, not willing to let go. At these times, life and the living of it, becomes our most important goal.

If we did not consider life to be our greatest commodity, then we would give very little thought to our Lord’s death on the cross. We would not be able to understand the great sacrifice He made on our behalf. The Word tells us that “life is in the blood.” Jesus poured out His blood and died for us that we might have life and life more abundant.

Satan would have us believe that Death is larger than Life, but Jesus defeated Death at the cross. He proved the point by His resurrection three days later; and because He lives, those of us who have received Him as our Savior live also. Life goes beyond the grave. Once the breath of God is in us, life becomes eternal. Nothing is larger than life except the one who created it, God our Father.  Sylvia Hensel

Jesus, I know You love me more than life
Because You gave Yours as a sacrifice.
No one could take it
You willingly gave it.
Your blood was not spilled, but poured out for me
As an act of pure love to set me free.
Your life seemed to be no longer,
But resurrection power was much stronger.
Death had no power and Satan conceded
Life was restored and Death was defeated.
Death and the grave have run their course;
Life proves larger because of its Source.

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