Friday, April 8, 2016


This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, 'We will not walk in it.' (Jeremiah 6:16 NIV)

The crossroads of life, isn't it funny that we always seem to find ourselves standing at a crossroad? I suppose it could better be said; that we always find ourselves standing before choices. What choice do I make, will it work out for me, how do I know if it is God's will, what is the best way? How do I know when I am using wisdom or maybe how often do I even make a choice and not even inquire at all?

What I love about this scripture is that it tells us that at some point in our lives we will be standing before a crossroad; a choice. But it doesn't just say to stand there, the Holy Spirit is careful to tell us to stand and look. So often we are just standing, standing but stagnant, sometimes we are paralyzed, and other times we are just oblivious to where we are at. 

What I love in this verse is that it reminds us to pay attention; take personal inventory, look, be alert and sober, assess where we are at, then it tells us to ask where the good way is. Stand, look and ask, it sounds so simple but rarely ever is. 

It is so easy to stand but sway, to look but not see and to ask but not expect an answer. How many times have we come upon the crossroads of life and never even saw them as roads at all? Maybe we saw them as big dirthills and were blinded by fear, maybe we were distracted by the flood of defeat that runs right through it, maybe we see every obstacle as a stumbling block instead of seeing every stumbling block as a footstool to bring us closer than we were before.. Maybe were so accustomed to walking by sight that faith never has a say.

Overall I think it is all part of the growing process, how will we learn to stand if we never knew what it is to fall? how will we learn to walk if we didnt at first learn how to crawl? 

What I love about the Lord is that He knows that the crossroads will come, He knows how sometimes we will choose the wrong way, He knows that even every wrong path will ultimately lead to the right one. I felt the Spirit of the Lord whisper to me that when the way is good, it's good, but when the way is bad, it's still good. For all things work together for the good of those who are the called and chosen according to His purpose. 

Why do we feel we need to have lightning flash and a thunderous shout from heaven telling us what to do? Are we really trusting that 'many are the plans of a mans heart but the purpose of Lord is what really will remain?" Is the Lord truly ordering our steps, or are we? 

If the Lord instructs us to look and ask, can it really be as simple as asking and then walking? 

To trust doesn't mean we know everything, why should we trust in something if we already know what is? No,trusting is not knowing all the details, trusting is; standing in the what if's and still pressing on, trusting that if a heart is truly seeking Him, that even if we veer off to the right when we should've gone left that God is bigger than our miscalculation. 

I'm sensing that someone needs to know, it's ok, relax, He is in control, He has you covered, you do hear his voice and you will get to where you need to be, in fact you are already on your way, just trust, He really is ordering your steps and the 'NO'S" that you have been faced with are really God's YES, don't you realize that ordering and closing doors is more important than opening them? 

God only needs to open but one door at the right time, but until your appointed time comes, He has to close every other door in order to get you to the right one. 

Just hold on, your standing at the crossroads right now, look, then ask for the ancient path and go, walk in it and when your soul finds rest a.k.a- the peace of God, you will know that the road and the good way you've been looking for, you've been traveling on all along. Shannon Heiden

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