Friday, May 15, 2015

Times of Prayer

Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before. (Daniel 6:10b NIV)

Times of Prayer
An hour a day? That’s a lot to ask! Perhaps an hour a week?

Not everyone is likely to respond to and negotiate with God in such a manner when it comes to prayer, but some of us are likely to understand this sentiment. We are always very busy, and we seldom have the time to even spare an hour a day just to pray. The truth is spending time to talk to God and listening to Him benefits us much more than benefits Him—if at all.

Prayer is an essential part of Christian living—a time we set aside to converse with a Friend and our Daddy God. Spending time with our friend who loves us enough to lay his life for us is a joy, not a burden. Conversing with our father who cares for us to want to give us the best shouldn’t be fearsome or uncomfortable. If we choose to refuse the love of our friend or the care of our father, we are the ones on the losing end, not the giver.

Perhaps, the hour we hope to have should be broken down into different times in a day. That would surely be easier for some of us. We know the Bible exhorts us to pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus. To pray without ceasing is to keep within us a spirit of prayerfulness and thankfulness at all times. This is more difficult than we care to admit or realize, especially when we get too busy in our work or in whatever we are doing (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).

A good way to maintain prayerfulness through a day is to take moments and short intervals to pause and seek the will of God in everything we do. If that is difficult, then we need to have a routine, such as three times a day like the prophet Daniel, or an hour of prayer like Peter and John, and other believers (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Daniel 6:10; Acts 3:1; 10:30).

A day in the presence of our God is better than a thousand elsewhere. Similarly, an hour in prayer conversing with God is worth much more than thousands of hours doing something else. Our Lord God is our shield who bestows us with favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from us whose walk is blameless (Psalm 84:10-11).

Are we busy to the point of neglecting our prayer time conversing with our Friend and with our heavenly Father? Are we losing out on our blessings because of not spending enough time to be cared for by our loving God?

Let us take time to pause and make time to consult God in everything we do. Keep a prayerful and thankful spirit at all times, knowing that no good thing does our loving Father withhold from us.

Dear Lord, thank You for the privilege to come to You and to the Father in prayer anytime of the day. Guide us each day by Your Spirit with an attitude of prayer and thankfulness. Bestow on us with favor and honor for You are our shield and friend.

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