Friday, August 31, 2012

Lessons from the Grocery

You shall buy food from them with money so that you may eat, and you shall also purchase water from them with money so that you may drink. For the LORD your God has blessed you in all that you have done; (Deuteronomy 2:6-7a NAS)

At the Grocery
“Working at grocery stores is a great way for young adults and adults to form relationships, improve resumes and work experience,” said Tom Harrington, a 22-year-old college student, in his article at “When I turned eighteen years old, I applied for a position at a nearby grocery store. The grocery store had all the major departments—grocery, bakery, deli, frozen, dairy—and was conveniently located on one of the major highways in Massachusetts.”

“When I began working at the grocery store, I was first trained, being required to complete a computer program on general grocery store knowledge,” said Harrington. “Overall, I was satisfied with the grocery store.”

In less than two years after he resigned from the grocery store to dedicate his time and energy to studying for school, Harrington was back working in another grocery store. The new grocery store was extremely supportive of his working abilities and promoted him within four months from being a cashier to a customer service clerk.

“As anyone knows, listing ‘grocery store – customer service clerk’ looks great on any resume and I was gracious and thankful for being promoted,” said Harrington. “The best advantage of working at a grocery store is that I am constantly aware of all the sales and promotions.”

Like Harrington who used to serve customers at the grocery stores, back in the days of Moses, the sons of Esau living in Seir were also serving their customers. The children of Israel wandering in the wilderness were commanded by the LORD to buy food and water from them. They were to pay to the sons of Esau money for their purchases because the LORD has blessed them in all they have done. Throughout the forty years of wanderings, the LORD has been with them, and they have not lacked a thing (Deuteronomy 2:4-7).

Today, Harrington finally found what he likes to do best—writing for Yahoo! associated content and sports. It took him several years working at the grocery stores before he discovered his niche, yet during the time of his ‘wanderings’ he did not neglect to do his best.

What about us? Are we doing our very best amid our wanderings even before discovering the eventual direction of the Lord for us? Are we forming relationships with the people around us, including the ones we serve, so as to win some souls for the Lord? Are we aware that our experiences in life, the journeys we have taken and are taking, help build us up in character to add to our resume something of far greater value than our self-worth (Matthew 6:19-20)? When called to serve the Lord, are we always looking out for the best deals and advantages we can get before committing to the work?

Do we not know that our God is not unjust as to forget our work and the love we have shown toward His name (Hebrews 6:10a)? God is not blind that He cannot see; He knows what is done in secret and will reward us accordingly (Matthew 6:18). We ought therefore to be diligent to present ourselves approved to God as workmen who do not need to be ashamed, having been trained to accurately handle the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Whether we are serving as a staff at the grocery store, a minister reaching out to the world, or a worker of whatever we are doing, let us do our very best, as for the Lord rather than for men. Remember, it is the Lord Christ whom we serve and from Him we will receive the reward of the inheritance (Colossians 3:23-24).

Dear Lord, thank You for always looking after us and caring for our needs that we have not lacked anything. We are forever grateful and thankful to You Lord because in our wanderings we can completely put our trust in You. Help us Lord not become slack in what we do, but to do all things heartily knowing that it is You whom we serve. You O God are not unjust as to forget our work and the love we have shown toward Your name, for You see what we do in secret and reward us accordingly.

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