Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Testimony of an Actor

Actor Li NanxingActor Li Nanxing shared recently how God has amazingly opened up doors and enlarged his coast for ministry. A year ago, he first broke his silence regarding seven years of his life of darkness, debt and desperation. He also shared how he was miraculously delivered by God from plunging down three stories and how he was led to believe in Jesus Christ. Indeed God brought him out of a horrible pit into His marvelous light!

After his salvation, Nanxing’s life journey was not all smooth in the beginning. Although he was able to pay off much of his debt, he struggled with his gambling habit for a while. He was often tempted to bet on lottery with a set of numbers that he was familiar with. In spite of a still small voice in his heart telling him not to gamble, he found the temptation difficult to resist at first. But by the grace of God, he eventually overcame the gambling habit. He also struggled with his drinking temptation. As a result of years of alcohol consumption, Nanxing even developed an ability to tell the type of liquor just by the smell of it from a distance. So after his conversion, he was still tempted to drink but over time he was totally delivered from it too.

Since he received Jesus as Lord and Savior, many miracles took place in his life and career. It took a few years before his life stabilized and was transformed by God. Now all his debts were settled. By the power of God, he was delivered from the addictions of smoking, drinking and gambling. Moreover, he was also set free from the spirit of anger and rage. Truly, we are more than conquerors through Christ Who loved us.

Subsequently, he went for a medical checkup and was apprehensive of the result because of his past lifestyle. His excessive drinking and smoking in the past could easily lead to permanent damage to his liver and kidneys. To Nanxing’s pleasant surprise, his doctor gave him a clean bill of health. He is indeed thankful to God for preserving his vital organs.

Nanxing considers the opportunities in his career as blessings from God too. He was offered plenty of endorsements despite his past questionable lifestyle. Recently, he received an offer to star in a Hollywood movie that would have catapulted him to international fame. However, he discovered that the script contained intimate scenes where he had to be nude with two naked women. Wanting to please Christ, Nanxing turned down the offer. It was a rare opportunity to fame and money, but he decided not to compromise but walk according to God’s will.

God is faithful and did not short-change him. Nanxing was offered recently by television station, MediaCorp, to act in a meaningful sequel to a drama serial which he acted 20 years ago. His character then was a rash young man who went to jail because of crime and gambling. The sequel’s theme is about how a person can change for the better with the support of loved ones. Nanxing would portray the same person but after 20 years in jail, and how he turns over a new leaf.

In 2010, Nanxing had an opportunity to be the director and actor of a new movie called 'The Ultimate Winner.' The message of the movie is to highlight the danger of gambling and also the redemption of a gambler’s life. It took him nine months to direct and film the movie. Throughout its filming, he again experienced the supernatural hand of God. Rain and other factors threatened to disrupt its progress but with prayers, every obstacle was resolved.

As much as Nanxing does not want to recall his heartbreaking past in life, he sincerely believes that had he not gone through it all, he would not have known how real God is! Looking back, Nanxing was certain that the devil wanted to destroy his life but Jesus intervened to turn it around and radically changed him. The Ultimate Winner is the Lord Jesus Christ. Great is the LORD and all glory belongs to Him!

Source: Miracle Service from Lighthouse Evangelism

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