Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Returning to God

Forgiveness of GodThe Forgiveness of God
How can we know we have not gone too far? How can we be sure we have not made ourselves unforgivable in the eyes of God?

The answer is not found in our ability to forget, or in our ability to forgive ourselves, or even in our ability to feel forgiven. The answer is found in the extent to which God has gone to bear the pain and punishment of what we deserve.

We all carry guilt and regret, and we need to know with certainty that God’s forgiveness has truly lifted the load of our guilt and shame. In this study, we explore the depth, nature, and cost of the forgiveness that only God can give.
Our prayer is that in the pages of this brief booklet we will find a freedom of conscience that will compel us to spend the rest of our lives telling others about the wonderful forgiveness of God. Read more ...

The Way BackThe Way Back
Why and how do Christians fall into sin? Though there are many answers, there are several distinct principles that mark out sinning believers, and author Richard W. De Haan exposes those for us in this study. Read more ...

Source: RBC Ministries ~ Discovery Series

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